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Charity challenge 2014: Hike for Health promoting TB awareness in SA "Inspiring development through education, healthcare and trade". Participants escape from reality to enjoy hospitality, scenery, mountains, culture and friendship in the little berg of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

TB, tuberculosis comes hand in hand with high levels of HIV prevalence. This year, our charity challenge is focused on raising awareness about this silent killer, in the rural areas of the Southern Drakensberg and Lesotho.

Participants hike between schools, communities and rural areas, in a group promoting and raising awareness about the need for TB testing, and raising awareness about the importance and killer nature of this disease. We distribute t shirts, and provide information, packs and facilities to rural areas who have difficulty accessing healthcare services.

All participants raise GBP£500 to participate, and join us for the 12 day charity challenge.

This year the dates are July 3rd (arrival) - July 15th (departure). Within this time period, volunteers hike, as a large group through the mountains, and stay at backpackers, homestays, as guests in villages, at rural camps and enjoy the hospitality of the Southern African people. We hike up the famous Sani Pass up to Sani, a small village with no access to any form of healthcare service, and stay the night at the Sani Pass Inn - the highest pub in Africa. All the while providing important health information and services to people living in rural poverty.

Flights should be booked into Durban King Shaka airport for arrival on June 1st, departure flights should be booked for June 13th, leaving from Durban.

About the area... The Southern Drakensberg and Lesotho border

South Africa is known as the rainbow nation. This is because of the wealth of different cultures present in the country. Underberg is located in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains, which are about a 2 hour drive west of Durban. The Drakensberg is famous for majestic mountain ranges and stunning landscapes. The area is steeped in South African cultural history, with san rock art, Zulu and Basotho villages and traditional crafting techniques still widely used. You can also find British and Dutch architecture and enclaves, many of which mostly unchanged since foundation.

The hike starts at our partner organization - Rivercroft Cottage, where volunteers stay in comfortable, eco-friendly accommodation. From there, after a rejuvenating evening to recover from long international flights, we hike into the iduma mountains, and through towards the rising peaks of the Giants Castle, Giants Cup and the Southern Berg. Onwards, up the Sani Pass, and into Lesotho. We hike through the day, and stop every day at different community projects, crèches, basic education facilities, schools and orphanages to provide information, services and promote awareness about TB prevention and the promotion of good health. Evenings are social occasions, with meals at firesides, servings of traditional South African food, hospitality and folklore. Make lifelong friends and enjoy famous South African hospitality.

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