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Q:Which airport do I fly into?
A:Durban King Shaka International, or Margate airport.

Q:What airlines are best to fly with?
A:Emirates flies from most large airports to Durban via Dubai. This is often the best option. Alternatively all large long haul airlines fly to Johannesburg, where you can fly with Cem Air to Margate.

Q:How do I get from Durban, or Margate airport to the project location?
A:Once we have received your flight details, we will help you with booking a transfer from Durban using the Margate Mini Coach. This is a shuttle service that operates daily from Durban to South Coast. Alternatively, if you fly into Margate, we will arrange transfer for you.

Q:Do I pay for the transfer?
A:Yes there is a charge, but this depends on which airport you choose. Please enquire for more details

Q:Is it safe to carry cash?
A:Yes. But as always, it is advisable to keep it spread out in different places throughout your luggage.

Q:Are there ATMS at the airport?
A:Yes, there are plenty of ATMs at the airport, and in town, please advise your bank that you will be using your card abroad before departing.

Q:would you suggest bringing cash with me from home?
A:Yes, it is always a good idea to travel with some cash - we would suggest around R1,500 for emergencies and necessary purchases.

Q:Will someone be there to meet me the other end?
A:Yes, of course. If you are the only person transferring on the particular shuttle, we will meet you in Underberg town off the bus. If you are part of a group, you will be delivered straight to the door of our accommodation.

Q:Does your accommodation have wifi available?
A:No, there is no wifi. We would suggest that you purchase a local sim on arrival and use the internet on your cell phone.

Q:I’m a vegetarian, can you cater for me?
A:Yes, of course, please do let us know in advance of arrival though!

Q:What is the weather like in Ugu
A:Ugu is South Africa's most temperate climate. We have the smallest difference between winter and summer temperatures. It is usually nice and warm, and with some of the best beaches in the world being located close by, you will want to bring your swimsuit. The sea temperatures in winter can get quite cool, so you may want to consider a wetsuit if you plan to surf or snorkel in winter.

Q:Do I stay with other volunteers?
A:It is highly likely that there will be other volunteers, particularly for our group opportunities. However, if you elect to stay for a longer period, you will find that some times during the year are quieter than others.

Q:Is it supervised?
A:Volunteers are supervised at all times, whether working on our projects or whilst at the accommodation, or with our partner organisations.

Q:Is the area safe?
A:We only operate in areas that we risk assess and deem to be safe and secure.

Q:I didn’t book the three countries trip before I arrived, is it still possible to join? Everyone else on my project is going.
A:Yes, as long as there are still places available. Most people tend to book in advance, and 99% of volunteers who have the opportunity to join the tour. However, please do note that this is subject to availability.

If you book onto one of our volunteer programmes, whether it is in Mozambique or South Africa, you will be required to pay a deposit up front, as well as any additional fees which may apply. These depend on the programme and will be explained to you at the time of application. If for whatever reason you cancel your participation, we will not refund any fee or deposit amount. If for whatever reason, we have to cancel your participation in the programme before you pay your balance amount, we will refund the deposit and fees. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any other costs that you may have incurred.

If you book onto one of our programmes, the balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to arrival. If you cancel your participation, we will not refund any of the paid monies. However, if we cancel your participation for whatever reason, we will refund the full amount. We cannot unfortunately be held responsible for any other costs that you may have incurred.

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