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Our Drakensberg volunteer projects are located near to Underberg. Underberg is a small mountain town, close to the landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho and in the heart of the Majestic Drakensberg Mountains of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Around 1.5 hours from King Shaka international airport in Durban, and 45 minute drive from the historic city of Pietermaritzburg. Underberg is situated at the foothills of the Southern Berg, the friendliness and diversity of the people is unrivalled, as is the dramatic beauty of the landscape.


Our sister company Rivercroft Cottage provides quality accommodation for volunteers, with fresh, home grown vegetables, home made meals, open fires, cosy rooms, riverside yoga, wellness studio and the best chocolate cake in town.


Additional activities for volunteers to participate in while volunteering on a Drakensberg project include: cultural trips to Lesotho and the highest pub in Africa, mountain walks to champagne-clear pools and age-old bushman paintings, photography courses, horse riding and various weekend trips and excursions please see


Summer days are long and hot, with warm evenings. In winter, evenings are cold and we often see snow on the mountain tops, but still enjoy 25+ degree days.

Arts Initiative Once a year we run an arts initiative aimed at empowering local HIV positive women and their associated friends and family networks through creativity. Volunteers participate in daily workshops convened by a professional artist and share their own creative skills to help women develop arts-based skills for empowerment and employment.


Sports development project The sports program runs during specific months throughout the year and provides an intensive period of sports and exercise training for children, young people and older women in our local area. Coach school sports, provide health and nutrition information for children at schools and crèches, coach and advise in soccer training sessions, assist with preparing teams for matches and developing relationships between local squads and run exercise and mobility classes for older women.


local clinic Volunteer on our community project to work with children, OVCs, women’s initiatives, teaching, the mohair initiative, food security, nutrition, skill-sharing initiatives and micro-enterprise. This is a truly rewarding volunteering opportunity in South Africa that is run year-round. Make lifelong friends and see the direct impact of your contribution.


medical elective Open to medical elective students only, the Drakensberg health project provides an opportunity for students to learn from healthcare professionals operational in the area. Expect to work with previously disadvantaged populations, and provide care to vulnerable adults and children.


teaching Why not become a volunteer teacher? Share your skills for a semester or half semester at a government primary or secondary school and help children improve their English, maths and/or science capabilities. You also have the opportunity to work within a community setting as a member of our role model initiative, helping to empower young people and enthuse them to achieve their ambitions.


local children Work with merino sheep, angora goats and Basotho ponies, learn the ways of the land in the Southern Drakensberg mountains and spend your time enjoying the champagne air and stunning scenery here in the mountains. Work with local farmers and herders and learn from their age-old knowledge.


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