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In 2016 we will be offering an option for medical volunteering in Mozambique. If you are a medical student, a qualified medical practitioner, nurse, nursing student or allied health professional or student this volunteering option is open to you

Medical students and medical practitioners work in rural health to promote health and wellbeing, conduct health research and improve health outcomes in rural Inharrime Province. various options of participation in this medical volunteering project are available depending on your year of study or qualification. This medical programme is run by Dr Alex Plowright, and in conjunction with a research project and intervention funded by the British Medical Research Council.

Programme participants work with mainly with Community Care Givers to improve the health of populations using a household rounds-based system. Households are visited and referrals to clinics and hospitals made, medication provided, and health advice given. Mozambique has a high prevalence of infectious diseases, HIV levels are increasing, as is TB, and malaria levels in households are high. The programme also includes data collection and research about households' knowledge of basic health literacy as well as indigenous knowledge systems for health, particularly malaria.

Medical elective students are offered the opportunity to join the enhanced participation option for part of their programme, which facilitates time spent in the Inharrime District Hospital. This is a unique opportunity for medical elective students to experience institutional health in Mozambique, and learn from experienced practitioners, as well as share their skills to the benefit of patients, as hospitals in Mozambique, particularly rural Mozambique are mostly under-staffed and are particularly busy as they are remote, and few and far between

All students and practitioners will be involved in the preparation of academic papers, data collection as well as practical health-related work and care in community and household settings. There is also the opportunity to work with community groups, to promote healthy lifestyles and particularly, ante-natal care and household health as well as paediatric care and malaria prevention. We are particularly keen to hear from male students and practitioners, so that we can extend our reach to community groups of men.

Please enquire for a detailed information pack and options available to you as a medical or allied health student, or an established practitioner

Difficulty **
Special Equipment needed Scrubs and stethoscope
Arrival/Departure airport Inhambane
Flight arrival Time Until 4 pm
Flight departure Time Afternoon (after 4 pm)
Transfer method Underberg Express
Transfer Cost
Minimum stay 3 weeks
What’s included Accommodation
3 quality meals a day
Project related transportation
Donation to our projects
24/7 in-house support
Induction including ethics training (compulsory)

What’s not included Flights
Transfers from Inhambane
Items of a personal nature
Travel insurance
Visa charges
Additional weekend trips
Cost (per week) £ 220

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