Mozvolunteers, leaders in medical elective placements and volunteering in South Africa and Mozambique sights and scenery while volunteering in south africa and mozambique


MozVolunteers is a social enterprise initiative that aims to recruit international and student volunteers of all ages to participate in community development, wildlife conservation and research projects in South Africa and Mozambique. The projects are implemented and monitored by South African NPO Sizabantu.

MozVolunteers assists with sustainable community development in Southern Africa using the means of education, healthcare and sustainable business opportunities.

Started in 2008, MozVolunteers began with a community crèche in rural Mozambique. Volunteers from Australia and the UK assisted with building, development and teaching as well as women’s empowerment initiatives. Since then, we have grown and developed and now recruit enthusiastic international travelers from all backgrounds and of all ages to volunteer at projects in two locations in Mozambique, and two in South Africa.

Our focus in South Africa is on providing support to community based organisations, offering opportunities for students to use their skills to help those in need. We work primarily in the Ugu district of KwaZulu-Natal with orphans and vulnerable children, HIV support and income generation for older women, many of whom are caregivers.

We hope to continue to succeed in our aim to provide support for previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa, moving our programs on to the next level and providing assistance to more and more communities and individuals.

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